Phoenix Police helping Special Olympics team raise money for Abu Dhabi trip

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The Phoenix Police Department is helping to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Arizona's Special Olympics basketball team plans to head to this year's games in Abu Dhabi, and Phoenix PD is doing what they can to help

"I've never been to another country. I've only been to Phoenix," said M. Arino Cuen. "This is an experience where I can play against other people."

Phoenix Police invited the community to buy a raffle ticket to support the team's trip, in exchange for A front row seat to what it's like behind the wheel of a police chase.

"This driving experience is one way we can help raise funds for them, while giving a peek into what we go through in training behind the wheel of a police vehicle to our citizens," said Officer Luz Fernandez with Phoenix Police. "10 lucky citizens will get to get behind the wheel of these patrol vehicles and experience a little bit of pursuit driving, how we do what we do out in the City of Phoenix."

A few of the team's players hopped in the patrol cars themselves, as officers took them for high-speed ride around the track.

"It was scary because you get to be in a cop car, and only when you're bad do you get to do it," said Marino Cuen.

An experience the athletes will never forget, and an opportunity granted by the police department that the team is thankful for.

"The police department has been wonderful," said Tasha Crofton. "They come out and scrimmage with us, and we're doing the flapjack fundraiser, so they're just awesome and we appreciate their support so much."

Over the coming weeks, Phoenix Police will host a series of pop-up fundraising events, calling on the community to help out and buy a raffle ticket. The drawing is scheduled for February 23.

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