Phoenix Rescue Mission delivers turkeys around the Valley

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Every year Phoenix Rescue Mission helps thousands around the Valley have a Thanksgiving dinner.

"We're going to be delivering a turkey to them along with a box full of fixings and whatever they need in order to have a Thanksgiving meal, all these individuals have pre-registered in order to get blessed today," said Jussane Carrera, Community Connections Coordinator.

This time each year Phoenix Rescue Mission collects thousands of turkeys for those in need to have a Thanksgiving meal, but they also go a step further by delivering a lot of those turkeys to those with transportation challenges.

"We couldn't do this without volunteers, we have 100 volunteers who are going to take these to people's doorsteps," said Carrera.

Jussane Carrera from PRM says it's heartwarming to see the volunteers line up every year, filling their cars and getting their route maps.

"Without the volunteers we wouldn't be able to do that, not only are people struggling financially without be able to provide for Thanksgiving dinner, but we also alleviate the trouble of having to find transportation," said Carrera.

One of those volunteers is Sally Ronning, who says everyone should be able to have a proper Thanksgiving, regardless of financial struggles.

"This is what the holidays are really about, everyone needs to have food and shelter and to be able to have a turkey at Thanksgiving and be able to get your family together and do that, everyone needs to do that," said Sally Ronning, volunteer.

Sally said that with every delivery, when she hands over the Thanksgiving preparations, she feels a connection that's indescribable.

"My family isn't close by so I've got friends that I'll be spending the holidays with but this kind of brings it all together for me and I feel like in a small way I'm apart of their family too," says Ronning.

PRM says they're gearing up for their big Christmas event Winter Wonderland and are looking for volunteers. Visit their website for more information.