Phoenix Rescue Mission seeks donations, volunteers

The Phoenix Rescue Mission works year-round to help the homeless, and winter months can be just as dire as the summer heat, the supplies needed are just different.

"I know how it is to be cold to be on the streets to be without to be ignored, to feel invisible at times, and it's a bad feeling," said Steve Harmon, Street Outreach Case Manager for Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Harmon used to be homeless, and now he works to help others get off the streets.

"We offer them water and hygiene, and we see what services they're willing to accept," Harmon said. "That can be anywhere with addiction - that could be detox it, could be long term residential placement, it could be a diversion to another state, to a loved one if they need."

Along with a kind word and an opportunity to change their lives, Harmon and the mission are offering items that can keep people warm.

"Our Hope Totes down here, they contain some basic stuff - socks, lotions, shampoo, conditioner. deodorants. toothbrush…some clients walk for miles and socks are their most coveted possessions," Harmon said.

This winter, they have hats and gloves for the cold. Donations are always welcome, and volunteers are always needed.

"I don't think it's a lack of people not wanting to do things for others, I just don't think they know exactly how to do it," Harmon said.


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