Phoenix Theater Company prepares to bring back indoor shows for the summer

The Valley's oldest theater company is planning to raise the curtain again for indoor performances after being forced to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It's been a very distressing year," said Michael Barnard with Phoenix Theater Company. "I was in a show when the pandemic hit and it was very sudden, very difficult."

The 101-year-old company did their best to bring entertainment this year, bringing outdoor theater and virtual experiences to the masses.

But there's good news for drama lovers - they're preparing for a new season.

"I think it would all be a wonderful thing to all be able to sit together and enjoy each other, and see on stage that there's hope and confidence and acceptance going forward," Barnard said.

The new season of shows will all share themes of positivity and about everyday heroes. Plus, the actors are ready to perform again.

"Very fortunate feeling, very surreal these days to be back at it," said performer James Dgish.

Tickets for their summer shows are now on sale.

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