Phoenix Union High School District joins other district in planned lawsuit against Juul

The Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board is fed up with students vaping on campus.

Roughly half of Arizona high school teens have tried eCigarettes, according to the Department of Health Services. Now, Phoenix Union is joining nearly two dozen school districts across the country in a class-action lawsuit against the best selling eCigarette distributor in the United States.

"This is the modern-day fight against the tobacco industry, which has evolved over the years," said Stephanie Parra, President of the Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board.

For previous generations, it was the Marlboro man and Joe Camel. For teens these days, vaping is what the so-called "cool kids" are doing in school.

"We wanted to stand on the right side of history here, and join other school districts and say enough is enough," said Parra.

Nationwide, more than 2,000 people have been hospitalized with a serious illness linked to eCigarettes, and nearly 40 people have died. At least 13 people in Arizona have been hospitalized because of vaping.

Juul officials have denied the company's products were marketed to kids, and has stopped selling fruit, dessert, and mint flavor pods.

"Suing it will only fix part of the issue," said Isabel Ayala-Vargas, a graduate from Metro Union High School.

Ayala-Vargas believes there should be stricter rules and policies on campuses that target teens who use eCigarettes at school.

Arizona health officials say teens who have tried eCigarettes are four times more likely to start smoking nicotine cigarettes. 

FOX 10 has reached out to Juul for comment on this story, but officials have yet to reply.

The vapor cloud produced by a man with an eCigarette