Police arrest man accused of sexually assaulting sleeping woman on light rail

Police have arrested a man who's accused of sexually assaulting a sleeping woman last month on the light rail in Tempe.

According to Tempe police, 33-year-old Alfonso Stanley was arrested on September 4 in connection to the assault.

Police say Stanley put his hand down the front of a sleeping woman's pants on the light rail on August 19. The victim then woke up while Stanley's hand was down her pants.

After the alleged incident, the victim took pictures of Stanley after he got off the light rail. Stanley has denied ever being on the light rail on August 19, telling police he was at wor. However, when detectives spoke to his employer, they said Stanley had not worked for them since July. DNA tests between Stanley and the alleged victim are being analyzed by the crime lab.

Officials say a photo of Stanley taken by the woman Stanley is accused of touching helped bring in several tips.

"Very shocking 'cause he seemed like a good guy," said Clinton Brown, who lives near Stanley's residence. "He and his wife, they were always going to church and all of that, so that's why it's really surprising."

Stanley's neighbors say they haven't seen him for a while, and are shocked by the allegations. Meanwhile, another neighbor says Stanley just got kicked out by his family.

"Basically I see her kicking her door in. I guess she put him out a couple of weeks ago, two weeks ago. Kicking her door in and sleeping out here in the trucks," said a woman, identified only as "Nicole".

Stanley has been booked into jail and charged with sexual abuse and assault. Bond is set at $10,000, and Stanley's next court date is scheduled for September 16.

Alfonso Stanley