Police: Mesa woman left children in unlocked hot car in order to buy baby food at supermarket

MESA, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Police in Mesa arrested a woman Sunday afternoon, accused of leaving a child inside a hot car outside a supermarket.

According to court documents, Jaimie Nicole Cassell was arrested in the northwest corner of Main Street and Dobson Road. The 23-year-old says she left her children, ages one and two, alone for seven minutes to get baby food inside of a Safeway, and was trying to hurry because she knew it was hot outside.The car unlocked and running.

Court documents say a witness stayed with the kids and waited for the parents to come out, telling police that while the AC was on, it was in poor working condition, and the infant was crying.

FOX 10 went to Cassell's home in Mesa, where her grandmother opened the door. Cassell's grandmother said she did not want to go on camera, but said Cassell is a single mom who probably didn't have anyone to watch over the kids when she needed to run to the store. Cassell's grandmother also acknowledged that that is not an excuse.

Cassell, according to police, was driving without a license and had felony warrants. She has been charged with one count of child neglect. Cassell is on supervised release, and due back in court in the middle of the month.