Police respond to convoluted situation that forced Chandler preschool's evacuation

There was a heavy police presence in a Chandler neighborhood Monday,

A man called 911 saying toxins were entering his home, and that he fired shots at some cell phone towers. Officers later found the man dead in a car, wearing a full military uniform.

It was a rather convoluted situation that police found themselves in on Monday, with a preschool quite possibly in danger and a man with suicidal thoughts, with military gear and his house threatening to be rigged

Police say a 38-year-old man called police threatening to commit suicide, blaming the cell towers near his home. Police say he told authorities they were "messing with his body". He was found on US 60 in his car, dead of a gunshot wound, in full military uniform, and with several weapons on him.

He also told police his apartment might be wired, and that forced officials at the preschool to let parents take their kids out for the day. Police were able to clear out that apartment and nothing was found.

His name has not been released to the public just yet.