Pool service companies keep busy after record Valley rainfall

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - After two days of heavy rainfall, business for pool service is pouring in.

"Draining eight pools today that are going to be cleaned up tomorrow and then looking at a few others as well," Thomas Good said.

North Scottsdale took in 3.5 inches of rain and for Scottsdale, a city that boasts 62 percent of homes having pools, that's a big mess.

"One issue a lot of times is water coming off the roof, which carries a lot of particles that have been collecting from birds and trees that are organic, getting into the water," Good said.

Thomas Good of Aqua Sentry of Scottsdale/Swimming Pool Service & Repair says sometimes that runoff can contain dangerous chemicals.

"In some cases, there's landscape runoff that goes into the pool that we need to drain the pools," he said.

Good adds the only way to know what's in your pool is to test the water.

"Check chemicals, phosphates tend to rise from landscape and a lot of times we find that landscape should be changed somewhat to keep water running from the landscape into the pool," he said.

Debris, chemicals, and dirt runoff water can be an eye-sore but also dangerous. That's why Good says you should run your pump a few extra times at night to help clean after a big storm.