Porch pirates seemingly starting months ahead of the holiday season

It's not even Halloween yet and porch pirates are targeting packages early, and a Phoenix man says he already got a Christmas gift swiped.

There are warnings to get your Christmas shopping done early to avoid porch pirates, but it seems like porch pirates heard about that, too, and they're on the lookout for deliveries in front of homes.

Ramsey Jabro says he saw the thievery on his security cameras.

"Sitting at the office and I got a notice on my phone that there’s motion in your front driveway. I thought, uh oh, I knew earlier I had some packages delivered," Jabro said.

He might be the first holiday porch pirate victim in October after he tried to get Christmas shopping done early.

"It was actually a gift for my mom. A digital picture frame," he said.

In the video Jabro shared, you can see the suspected package thief turn around after passing his house, then she approaches with something already in her hand.

"I think she was pretending she was on a delivery to avoid any other neighbor looking at her," Jabro speculates. "You think it’ll never happen to you but when it does, you feel violated."

Jabro says he tried to yell at the person through the doorbell camera before the person took off.

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