Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders takes the stage at progressive event

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is speaking at two different Netroots Nation events at the Phoenix Convention Center this weekend.

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke on Friday, and Sanders took the stage at the Convention Center during a morning Netroots Nation event. On Saturday evening, Sanders will then deliver a speech at a campaign rally at the Convention Center on Saturday night. Doors for the Sanders event open at 6 p.m. with as many as 10,000 people expected to attend.

>>Watch the event LIVE on Saturday here:

Netroots is a combination of internet and grassroots. So it's a mix of blogs, well-known liberal websites, democratic activists, and progressives from around the country.

The group says there is a strong focus on making life better for working and middle-class people.

"It is talking about those issues that impact people's pocketbooks, people want action on student debt, expanding social security, issues that impact working families lives," said Stephanie Taylor.

One thing people at Netroots have been talking about is Donald Trump, at or near the top in recent Republican polls.

"I think it says something about us if he is one or two in the Republican party, what it does say is we're not paying attention to the issues," said Goldie Taylor.

But if there is widespread bemusement when it comes to Donald Trump, there's widespread admiration at the event for Bernie Sanders, the Democratic-Socialist Senator from Vermont. Sanders is attracting more and more support in his race against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

Sanders' bumper stickers are a hit from vendors.

"The stickers I expect to sell the best at Netroots are the Bernie Sanders, this is a progressive event, and people like Bernie Sanders," said Dan Frazier with