Program helps unemployed Arizona veterans get much-needed supplies

Joshua Strausburg volunteered during the veteran's job fair at the convention center Friday morning, and he answered questions about Arizona at Work, which is a program run by the Department of Economic Security.

It's what got him back on his feet when he got out of the service.

"When you're in the military, everything is provided for you; your blues, your uniform, everything that you need they give to you," he said. "They tell you exactly where to go get it, when you get out. It's sink or swim, you have to find out all yourself."

The program that specifically helped Josh is called the "Veteran's Tool Kit." It aims to close a gap too many veterans face when starting a new job.

"All the clothes that I am wearing right now came from the Veteran Tool Kit program," he said.

Wanda Wright, director for the Arizona Department of Veteran Services, says in six months thousands of vets have been helped, whether it's a bus pass, new shoes or a uniform. All items or services that can be delivered in just a few days.

"The Department of Economic Security lets the non-profit work on it," she said. "They tell them what they need. They order it and they send it back to DES. DES presents it to the veterans."

Arizona at Work