Records: Man accused of murder has a history of hatred for rap music

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- According to prison records, the man accused of stabbing a teen to death because he listened to rap music has a history of being triggered by the music genre.

On Wednesday, officials with the Arizona Department of Corrections released the records to FOX 10. ADC officials, however, said mental health records for Michael Adams cannot be released due to privacy laws. Adams' attorney claimed he was mentally ill and didn't get medicine when released from prison two days before police say he murdered Elijah Al-Amin.

On November 1, 2018, Adams was being transported to Arizona State Prison Kingman, and according to the ADC records, Adams approached a correctional officer during intake processing, and said: "Hurry up, let's get this over with you [expletive]".

According to the officer, the incident happened in front of other inmates and disrupted the process. The ADC report also included a statement from Adams, who wrote:

"I had no sleep. The transport officers were playing loud rap music. I was tired and irritated."

Officials charged Adams with disorderly conduct, to which he pleaded guilty. The report also stated that Adams assaulted an inmate in mid-November before being pepper-sprayed.

Nearly eight months later on July 4, two days after Adams' release, Peoria Police were investigating a murder at Circle K.

"We had a 17-year-old who did absolutely nothing," said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

According to police, Adams slit the throat of 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin because of the rap music he listened to outside in his car, even telling detectives he's been attacked in the past by "Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans" who listen to rap music, saying anyone who listens to rap is a threat to him and his community.

"There's no excuse," said Serina Rides. "I don't care what somebody's hiding behind mental illness. There's no excuse."

The family of Al-Amin said the alleged history of Adams having mental illness is disguising a blatant hate crime. Meanwhile, Montgomery has clarified there's no law in Arizona on hate crimes, and ADC officials said Adams was never designated as seriously mentally ill.