Red, white & bust? Nationwide fireworks shortage felt in Arizona

Forget red, white and boom. This year might be red, white and bust. A nationwide shortage of fireworks being felt in the Valley.

Retail sellers are having a tough time getting product to sell for the Fourth of July.

The Red Hot Fireworks Company, tent run by a husband and wife team will reduce their locations this year.

Red Hot Fireworks, sells sparklers and pyrotechnics, but they're tough to come by.

"Anything that's important is struggling to get here. This is an industry retail fireworks, consumer fireworks that is totally important and handmade," said Randy Herrman of Red Hot Fireworks.

Supply shortages are hitting the entire industry, meaning, some of their pop-up locations will have to fizzle out.

"Normally we run over 20 locations around the valley and I'm probably only going to run 10 this season because I don't have enough product," said Herrman.

On the professional side, business happens to be moving at Fireworks Productions of Arizona.

"To compare and contrast this year versus last year much much better. We're closer to 2019 numbers. We'll do 84 fireworks displays during the week of the 4th and 86th actually on the 4th of July," said Kendon Victor, a pyro planning specialist. 

Since they had so few shows last year, they had product to carry over.

"Our company has not suffered what everyone's calling the fireworks shortage. Because we had much less shows last year, we had inventory left over," said Victor.

If you're looking for the at home display, retailers suggest to buy early. 

"If you see the tent, pull over. We will run out," said Herrman.


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