Restaurant in Tempe bans Wildcat gear, colors during Thursday's ASU-UofA basketball game

A decision by a Tempe restaurant to ban U of A colors during Thursday's ASU-UofA game has sparked an online debate.

According to a tweet made by College Bar & Grill on its Twitter page Tuesday, people are asked not to wear UofA gear, UofA colors, or exhibit "wildcat behavior" on Thursday. Customers who do so will not be allowed in, or will be asked to leave.

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"This is Tempe, not Tucson," read the poster announcing the ban. "Don't bring that mess into our place. We reserve the right to ask you to leave for the benefit of a safe, positive experience for our patrons."

The ban sparked a lively debate on Twitter, with some users applauding the move.

Others, however, criticized the restaurant's move.

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