Scam artists try to take advantage of people during the coronavirus pandemic

There are scams going around that Arizona's Attorney General says to remain vigilant when approached with these situations.

Scammers are acting as government officials telling potential victims that they’re there to clean and wipe down their homes, checking for the coronavirus.

"We’ve also gotten reports of people saying they’re part of the [Centers for Disease Control], they want to check your house for germs or viruses, someone called us and said they were census workers and right now the census is shut down," says Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

He's telling consumers to not be vulnerable during this time of worry especially as the number of COVID-19 cases rise in Arizona. These scammers are usually going after the most vulnerable.

"They open their doors and they say they’re from the government and you know they trust them and it’s not only a scam but it’s probably someone trying to burglarize your home or rob you," he said.

Another potential scam being monitored, the potential checks coming in from the government to help Americans.

"Unfortunately when there are national emergencies or state emergencies the scammers feel sometimes swoop in and call people and pretend that they’re from the government and say, 'Hey to issue your check we need personal information like your social security number other personal information your bank account information," Brnovich explained.

Adding, "People should know that the government and no one from the federal government or state government will call you asking for your personal information, they’re never going to call asking for social security number or bank account information."

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