Scanning technology promises faster security screening process at Sky Harbor

Getting through airport security is always a hassle, but now, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is offer a new option, with some new scanning technology that is supposed to be faster and safer.

It's called "airport biometric screening", and it's meant to give passengers an easier, predictable experience that involves scanning eyes, face and fingers to get people through security.

"So, we expedite the process through security." said Jackie Puma, the General Manager of CLEAR at Sky Harbor.

In the midst of a record summer travel season, CLEAR is officially launching its patented biometric-boarding pass technology.

"We do your right fingerprints, your left fingerprints, your thumbs and your iris, and whatever is your primary biometric, you would use, thereafter, whenever you get verified," said Puma.

This technology is already available in 24 airport across the country.

"As someone who is very familiar with CLEAR, having been a member for 10 years plus or so, CLEAR is a good product that we think will be well-received and welcomed here by the travelers at Sky Harbor," said Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Director James Bennett.

There's a dedicated lane for those who want to use CLEAR, which gets them from the curb straight to the gate.

People will still have to check in their bags through security with CLEAR, but for frequent fliers out there, using both Pre-Check and CLEAR would give them the best of both worlds. The biometric screening technology is now available at Terminal 4, and should be available at rest of the terminals soon.

CLEAR membership costs $179 a year, with discounts for family members.