Scottsdale clinic to hold 8-day COVID-19 vaccination event

An Arizona doctor is giving back to the community by shutting down his private practice later this week and converting it to a vaccination site.

For Dr. Christopher Ray, owner of Southwest Wellness, it's a personal issue when he almost lost his life after contracting COVID-19.

"We are a wellness clinic as well as a pain and aesthetics clinic – but we’re going to stop and focus on vaccinating as many people as we can," Ray said.

Ray is shutting down his practice near Thunderbird and Cave Creek Road for eight days beginning May 6 to focus strictly on people getting vaccinated.

The doctor tested positive for the illness last year, and it was a diffcult journey.

"I kept getting sicker and sicker, before I went to the hospital my blood oxygen was 80," Ray said. "It wasn’t 24 hours later [that] I was in the ICU on 60 liters of oxygen per minute and I felt this sense of impending doom – it was really hard."

Now, Ray says they are trying to make the process as easy as possible.

"You go in, you get placed in a queue...and we’ll text you when its your time -- you can go wait in your car, or if you want to go get something to eat, you can do that," the doctor explained.

The clinic will also have free valet parking, and for those who don't drive, Southwest Wellness has teamed up with Uber to offer rides to the clinic.

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