Scottsdale company creates online platform for people to donate to charity

Uncommon Giving is a Scottsdale-based company that has developed an online platform for people to discover and donate to more than one million charities, and they're doing so with help from a special man.

Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic started his career of motivating others at just 19 years old.

"There's always an element from every motivational speaker to always give back, and I think that sense of greater purpose in life is something that can pull the next generation out of any depression, fear and anxiety," Vujicic said.

Nick was bullied as a child, which he says led to an attempt to take his own life at the age of 10.

However, he eventually found his purpose and found himself in Scottsdale as a Chief Generosity Officer for Uncommon Giving.

"We are trying to bring in this holistic approach with the campaign, and that's why we are here in Arizona," said founder and CEO Ron Baldwin. "It's a for-profit company that's dealing in the non-profit space."

Baldwin says his company's purpose is to enable and enhance the giving experience for millions of people. More than 1.2 million nonprofits are included in the Uncommon Giving Community.

"I think there's a logical marriage between Uncommon Giving, workplace generosity, and making a difference and finding people through that avenue," Baldwin said. said.

As Chief Generosity Officer, Nick will bring awareness to Uncommon Giving's mission.

"It's a spearhead of marketplace generosity and has that central hub where some companies...give some money away under social responsibility to their employees," Nick said. " [They can] give to a non-profit of their choice, or even match the common non-profits that the company believes in."

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