Scottsdale woman admitted to smothering her own mother during 911 call

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- On Tuesday, authorities released the 911 call surrounding a murder case where a woman admitted to killing her mother in Scottsdale.

"Umm, I killed my mother," 46-year-old Holly Brennan was heard saying, as she admitted to dispatchers that she killed her mother, 79-year-old Sharon Simmons, inside their Scottsdale home.

"And how did you kill your mother?" asked the 911 dispatcher.

"I smothered her," Brennan replied.

Brennan admitted to killing her mother on the day that most people honor theirs, confessing that she used a pillow.

"Is your mother diseased? Is she not breathing?" asked the dispatcher.

"Oh, my mother is dead," Brennan replied.

Simmons laid dead in the home for more than a day. Brennan eventually went to a neighbor's house to have them call 911. When investigators asked about premeditation, Brennan said she decided to go through with it, just a few minutes before the incident, making comments such as "I wanted her gone", "I wanted her gone and I hated her", and "I hated her". After the murder, Brennan told officers that she walked to a convenience store, purchased Vodka for herself and gin for her mother, then returned home and placed the bottle of gin with her mother. That bottle was later found on the victim's stomach.

Brennan and Simmons have had domestic violence situations in the past, Issues dated back to 2017, with Brennan using social media to express that she wanted to kill her mother. Then, in December 2018, thoughts about killing her mom, which resulted in her seeking treatment. Brennan is being charged with second-degree murder.