Security checkpoints reopen inside Terminal 4 at Sky Harbor

All security checkpoints inside Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport have reopened after police were called in to investigate a suspicious item.

Terminal 4 A and D security checkpoints were closed early Wednesday morning after police were called to the airport to investigate a suspicious item.

Curbside check-in was not available and the Southwest and American Airlines tickets counters were also temporarily closed.

"We stood there for awhile then some TSA person came and said take all liquids out of your bag and throw them away because you have to check in at the gate," one person said.

"They told us to come all the way down to door seven, then we came in there and it was chaotic, nobody knew what was going on," one person said.

At around 8:30 a.m., monitors inside Terminal 4 displayed a message letting people know the security issue was resolved, but the issue one floor down in ticketing was anything but.

"If it's more than 45 minutes before the flight they won't take your bags," one person said.

The lines grew, wrapping around the escalator stairs, and passengers panicked that they wouldn't make their flights but also worried about the reason behind the breach.

"My stomach was jittery because I didn't know what was going on, if it was a bomb threat or what and with everything happening, I was very jittery with security," one person said.