Shoppers out in force to returns items on National Returns Day

Plenty of shoppers are expected to be out on Thursday, but they may be the ones who are returning items.

Thursday, January 2, is National Returns Day, as it marks the busiest day for gift returns.

For 2020, forecasters expect a 26% rise in returns over 2019. One study says about 10% of goods sold in the U.S. get returned every year, resulting in hundreds of billions in lost sales.

Poor-fitting clothes are the number one culprit for returns.

On Thursday, some of the returns are just regular returns, while others are Christmas-related.

"It can be overwhelming, just because there are boxes that are minute and small to things that can barely fit through the door," said business owner Dany Hakimeh.

The UPS Store boxes are piling high, and there is no sign of online returns slowing.