Snow in the forecast: Valley residents gear up to go skiing

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - There's been lots of snow in parts of the state and more is on the way, so we made a stop inside a popular ski shop in Phoenix and all we hear is...

"Everybody's freaking out! There's so much snow in the Valley!" Martha Fratt-Burr exclaimed.

Business booming around this time of year is no surprise for the Ski Pro shop on 20th Street and Camelback.

"It all kind of depends on the weather, so we've definitely got some moisture in the air right now," said Ryan McPhatter, manager of Ski Pro. "I think we're expecting some snow up north, so we're hoping for a pretty busy weekend and through the new year."

Most of the shop's customers say they're heading up to Snowbowl, Telluride, Park City or even Flagstaff.

"We're off to Telluride today, up to Colorado," Martha Fratt-Burr said. "Last year, none of the lifts were open. This year, all the lifts are open. Our parents have a house in Flagstaff... they're freaking out because there's going to be snow up there for new year's!"

But first, folks are stopping in to stock up.

"We're stocking up on socks, toe warmers, boots, helmets, some stuff t hat we didn't realize that we still needed," Jenny Tucker said. "Last-minute purchases."