Some Federal workers taking other gigs to make ends meet, as shutdown continues

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- As the Federal government shutdown drags on, some government workers who aren't getting paid are getting creative to make ends meet. They are taking on some interesting side gigs to bring in some money, until politicians find a way out of the crisis.

Some government workers are, working at restaurants, working as substitute teachers, working as babysitters, and some are even driving for Lyft and Uber.

One Federal worker said she never thought she'd be driving for Lyft. After all, she's worked in financial management for the U.S. Indian Health Service for over 20 years. However, due to the government shutdown, she now finds herself behind the wheel.

"I started doing it last week," said the worker, who did not want to be identified. "I was apprehensive, but my daughter did it in college. [She] said, 'mom, it is easy. You would be great at it. You talk to people. You are personable.'"

It's not what she expected to be doing, but better than not working.

"I am not making what I normally make, but it helps me meet some ends," said the woman.

Experts in the staffing business say there is work out there for Federal employees who are not getting paid right now.

"I think there are so many staffing companies in town looking for low-end labor," said Michael Hayes with the @Work Group. "$12, $13."

"My message would be for us, we have nothing to do with what is going on, and I do not know why it is affecting us in this way," said the worker. "We are being held hostage for no reason at all."

The temporary gigs are O.K. in the short run, but everybody is hoping for a long-term solution.