Some last-minute Christmas shoppers skipping regular shops for pawn shops

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- For those who are both last minute shoppers and bargain hunters, many are skipping the crowded retail stores and heading to pawn shops.

From $50,000 diamond rings, flat screen TVs to the newest hard-to-find rifles, Valley pawn shops are crowded with customers from all walks of life, who have decided to skip the hassle of crowded parking lots and pushing through crowds

At Mo Money Pawn Shop in Phoenix, jewelry is one of the most popular items people look for.

"I think the uniqueness is price," said shopper Bonnie Stahl. "I've come here probably the last three Christmases to get something, and I've always found something."

There are rings priced from $25 to $50,000 on display.

"Sale price here is $22,500," said Byron Vaughn with Mo Money Pawn Shop. "It's a beautiful ring. At some of the mall stores, you might pay upwards to $65,000 for the ring."

Deals that bring a smile to the face of both the giver and the recipient.

"They've all been very happy, so it's been a great result," said Stahl.

This shop has seen an uptick in shoppers who are short of cash for gifts, bringing in goods to sell or for loans.

"This is definitely our busiest season," said Vaughn. "We start before Black Friday and continues all the way to May, once people get their tax refunds. We stay real busy this time of year."

Pawn shops gained new popularity during the Recession, when frugal became the new norm. It appears they never lost their appeal, even after the tough times, and the two most sought after items, guns and gold, continue to sell.

"If you take 2008 versus 2018, the economy seems to be in a lot better place, people seem to be spending a lot more money, and definitely, things are really good," said Vaughn.