Southwest flight crews see a big rise in passenger misconduct

Flight attendants are dealing with plenty of problems onboard flights - and it's not just because of mask mandates.

Earlier this week, a passenger onboard a Southwest flight arriving in San Diego from Sacramento was escorted off the plane after allegedly attacking a flight attendant.

The flight attendant lost two teeth and received other face injuries.

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According to Lyn Montgomery, union president representing Southwest flight attendants, verbal and physical assaults on flight crews are happening more often.

"These days it’s just normal enforcement asking to be seated while we are taxiing, or asking their seat belt be fastened," Montgomery said. "It seems like a tendency for a situation to escalate."

Montgomery says that during a normal year, they'll receive up to 150 cases of passenger misconduct nationwide. This year alone, there has already been 2,500.

Travelers at Sky Harbor say they can see how it's happening, adding that it's frustrating to see.

"They get really angry and they say they don’t want to wear a mask," said one traveler. "Why is it that deep?"

Another Sky Harbor visitor defended flight attendants.

"Flight attendants are there to enforce the rules, they don’t make the rules," they said.

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