Splitting Timber: Axe-throwing range opens in Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - If you ask the owner about Splitting Timber, she'll probably tell you...

"It's kick axe!" AJ Hughes said.

Already established in Tucson, the indoor axe-throwing range just opened its doors in Phoenix.

So what's Splitting Timber all about?

"You come in, you bring in your coworkers, your friends, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party and you throw for an hour and a half!" she said.

The concept is simple -- throw an axe and try to get a bullseye.

"You're going to get five throws on your fifth and final one you can call those blue balls and if you hit those blue balls it's 10 points," Hughes said.

But AJ says overthinking it is the number one mistake.

"It is an absolute blast to watch everybody, some people, particularly women, are apprehensive when they come in they think it's dangerous, but once they see that it's actually not, women do better than men do," she said.

Contrary to the lumberjack lifestyle, it's all about a soft touch.

"Men think they have to throw it really hard and it's all about finesse," Hughes said. You don't have to throw the axe very hard, so women actually do better then men."

AJ says at the range safety is the number one priority, but a close second it having fun.

With their Phoenix location, you can have a good time Splitting Timber for less green.

"Right now, we're running a special where it's actually $25 per person for an hour and a half of axe throwing," she said.