Startup airline company to begin low-cost flights between Phoenix area and Los Angeles in May

A year after the COVID-19 pandemic seriously disrupted air traffic, a new, upstart airline will soon be flying out of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, offering Arizonans another way to fly out of the state for a quick getaway.

While Avelo has not had any official flights just yet, one of their first flights will be out of the Phoenix area, and the flights will take place on May 3, just in time for summer vacations.

"Low cost fares, and now daily, you can get to the LA Burbank airport directly from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport," said Ryan Smith.

The flights cost $19, but that does not factor in extra charges for bags and assigned seats.

"These low-cost carriers are gaining in popularity because you can pick and choose what you want, 'cause if you are not carrying on a bag or checking a bag, you don’t have to pay for that," said Smith.

Smith says many airlines, including Avelo, are focusing on leisure destinations because after staying home for much of the last year, many are ready for a relaxing vacation.

"Luckily, Phoenix is a known leisure destination," said Smith. "Surprisingly enough, people even love to come in the summer, and those Phoenicians that want to escape the heat, they have another way to do it."

Which is why, Smith says, they’re excited to continue launching more locations with Avelo.

"We’re really excited and really hopeful for the future of this airline," said Smith.

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