State figures show GOP losing over 20,000 registered voters since January

Voter registration figures released by the Arizona Secretary of State's Office show fewer voters are registered as Republicans in the state when compared to the start of the year or the November 2020 Election.

According to the numbers, 1,496,769 people were registered as Republicans in Arizona as of April 2021, compared to 1,520,328 people in January 2021, a decrease of 23,559 voters.

During the November 2020 election, there were 1,508,778 registered Republican voters in Arizona. Registered Republican voters now make up 34.87% of the state's electorate.

Other parties also seeing decline

According to the same numbers, the state's Democratic Party and Libertarian Party are also seeing declines in the number of voters registered with their parties.

Figures show as of April, there are 1,374,001 registered Democratic voters in the state, compared to 1,380,405 in January, a decrease of 6,404.

During the November 2020 election, there were 1,378,324 registered Democratic voters in Arizona. Registered Democratic voters now make up 32.01% of the state's electorate.

The Libertarian Party, based on the numbers, has 37,948 registered voters in Arizona as of April, a decrease of 479 from January.

The figures did show an increase in voters who registered as "Other," with 1,383,612 registered voters falling into that category, compared to 1,360,898 voters in January. Overall, there are 7,700 fewer registered voters in Arizona in April, when compared to January.

The voter registration figures were presented as-is, with no explanations given by officials with the Secretary of State's Office.

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