Study: Museum safer to visit than supermarkets, restaurants amid ongoing pandemic

Many people are still avoiding indoor activities because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but now, a new study says people should head to a museum if they want to venture out.

A study from the Berlin Institute of Technology shows museums are safer to visit than supermarkets and restaurants, and in Phoenix, employees at some museums say they’re not surprised.

"It’s something that we’ve known about how museums are generally set up could be a very clean environment," said Johann Warnholtz with the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) "We have constant airflow, HVAC systems that provide double filtration."

Warnholtz says the study is validating.

"Here at MIM, the biggest feedback we’ve gotten since we’ve reopened back in August was how spacious the galleries are, and how easy it is to social distance," said Warnholtz.

Since MIM reopened, the museum has kept up with the safety protocols, and even added a new feature.

"We’ve implemented a times ticketing model, so people can go on to buy their ticket for a specific time of the day," said Warnholtz. "That way, we can control our traffic and our capacity throughout the day."

Since the Heard Museums's reopening in June, Deputy Museum Director John Bulla says they’ve been focusing on keeping it a safe place.

"Visitors are required to wear masks, and social distancing is enforced," said Bulla. "We do have directional arrows to keep traffic flows going in different directions. We also provide stylus for all of the interactive touch points."

Both museums have seen an increase in visitors recently.

Musical Instrument Museum

Heard Museum