Summer temperatures lure scorpions inside, tips to avoid them

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Although it hasn't felt like it recently, summer is on its way and so are the scorpions.

"They're looking for places to get away from the heat just like all of us do and sometimes your house is very attractive for them to go into," said Eric Sebring with Western Exterminator.

Although Sebring says it's difficult to eliminate scorpions all together, you can do some easy things around the house to make it less appealing to them.

First, look around your house for potential hiding spots.

"Scorpions would love to go in behind there and in throughout those and again if you go pick them up with your hand, you're exposing your hand to be stung by a scorpion," says Sebring.

Another place to look is the cracks in walls and don't forget about your pool filters.

"Be careful when you open it up, because you could find them on the inside of your skimmer there and if you reach in to grab that you could be stung by one on the hand," explained Sebring.

He also says a good black light flashlight can be useful at night to look for them and some thick gloves to capture them just in case you find one lurking.

But above all, if you're really worried, you can always call in an expert.