Super Bowl LVII: Officials say people should be on the lookout for fake NFL gear

For fans looking to buy a piece of Super Bowl LVII, officials say people need to be on the lookout for fake NFL gear.

From hats, to jerseys, to rings, counterfeiters are expecting to take advantage of eager buyers.

"They're getting inferior merchandise," said Guadalupe Ramirez, U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Director of Operations for the Tucson Field Office. "It'll start falling apart, and again, I hope they don't end up with a rash because of some of the chemicals used in the process."

There are a few things to look for:

Hologram details

People should check of their items have a tag with an official NFL hologram. If so, they should also check its details.

"Hold up to light and reflect. The NFL shield in the center of the hologram, you should see a red and blue color. The footballs, they should have a brown color," said Jim Mancuso with the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.


After that, people should take a close look at the quality of the stitching.

"The stitching on the shield is going to go through the shield, or it's not going to be 100% accurate," said Mancuso.

Stuff that doesn't belong

And then, there are things that are not part of an official NFL gear.

"Sometimes, counterfeiters forget, and there's felt. Felt is a clear indication that it's a counterfeit product," said Ramirez. 

While buying counterfeit team gear may seem harmless, federal investigators say your hard-earned money could end up being used for illegal activities.

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