Suspicious fire inside west Phoenix Safeway

Phoenix fire crews are investigating how a fire broke out inside a Safeway store. Dozens of shoppers and employees were inside when the flames ignited.

After flames started in the toilet paper aisle, smoke filled the store and forced at least 60 customers and employees to evacuated from the building.

Toilet paper was tarnished and trashed in the most unusual way.

The rolls were set ablaze inside a Safeway grocery store.

Phoenix Fire Spokesperson Aaron Ernsberger says the morning fire in Aisle 9 appears deliberate.

"This absolutely suspicious. It happened in an aisle that had nothing but benign objects in it. There was no source of energy around it. There was nothing that could have led to spontaneous combustion," said Ernsberger.

Phoenix fire officials say at least 60 people were shopping and working in the store when the flames ignited around 8 a.m.

Everyone got out safely, but investigators are looking for these two people captured on surveillance cameras.

"We don't know how the fire initiated, but what we do know is that there was a couple of key witnesses that were in the area of the fire, so maybe they are going to have some information that will lead to help solving what was in fact going on at the time of the fire," said Ernsberger.

At least 30 fire fighters responded to the scene near 35th and Northern Avenues.

The fire was contained, but still spread smoke throughout the building.

Ernsberger says it could have been disastrous.

Fire investigators believe this fire could be related to another similar fire at a local Fry's store.

Anyone with information regarding the cases is to call 602-260-ARSON. You can also call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.