'Swarm of Meteors' illuminate Kansas sky

Residents in northwest Kansas were treated to a special light show Sunday night after meteors whizzed through the sky. 

The National Weather Service's office in Goodland said the video captured a "small swarm of meteors" in the early morning hours. 

The NWS posted the video on its Twitter page showing a batch of meteors and stars traveling in outer space. 

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Meanwhile, a small asteroid recently entered the Earth’s atmosphere over western Europe, creating a spectacular sight of a fireball careening across the skies until it made impact in northern France by the English Channel. 

The European Space Agency tweeted that Sar2667, a one-meter [three-foot] meteoroid, also considered a small asteroid, had been detected and was expected to safely strike Earth’s atmosphere over northern France between 3:50-4:03 CET early last Monday morning. 

FOX News contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.