Teen accused of breaking into Mesa home with ax

UPDATE (July 7)

Officials with Mesa Police said they have arrested a teenager, in connection with a home invasion robbery incident involving an ax that took place on July 2.

According to police, the suspect, identified as a 16-year-old male, was arrested on Thursday, and is facing charges of alleged kidnapping, alleged burglary, alleged armed robbery and alleged aggravated assault.

Police did not identify the suspect, due to his age.

Original Story (July 3)

A Mesa woman had a frightening encounter with an intruder at her home. The woman said the man broke into her home with an ax, and she has the pictures and video to prove it.

The incident happened at a home near Dobson and Southern in Mesa, at around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. The woman is a nurse who works the night shift, and was sleeping when a man rang her doorbell. It was the doorbell security camera that captured video of the man, before he broke in and threatened Erika Grijalva with an ax.

"Edgy. I'm still scared," said Grijalva. "I heard the crash. This huge crashing noise and someone came in and I heard a guy's voice and he said, 'Is anyone here, is anyone here?'"

Grijalva immediately ran into her bedroom's bathroom, locked the door, and called police. The man made his way to the area, and Grijalva told him she was calling police, and he needed to leave. Grijalva said the man let her out of the bathroom, asked her for money, and told her to look around the house with him for things to take.

"He says, 'I rang the doorbell and you didn't answer the door. All I wanted was a couple of bucks. You didn't answer the door'," said Grijalva.

Grijalva said after taking a laptop and tablet, he said one final thing before leaving through the same door he broke to get in.

"He turns around and motions to the floor and he says, 'I'll pay for this. Don't worry I'll pay for this,'" said Grijalva.