Teen son of murder-suicide victim speaks out about following the loss of his mother

APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- The teen son of the woman shot and killed by her boyfriend last Friday is opening up about his loss.

Police say 32-year-old Natasha Arredondo's boyfriend killed her before taking his own life. Arredondo's son, 13-year-old Ramon, was home alone when his mom went missing. He said he knew something was wrong when his mother never responded to his text.

"I knew something was wrong when she didn't text me to ask how I was doing, so I texted her at around 9:30 to see where they were at, and she never responded," said Ramon, who is still coming to terms with what happened to his mother.

"Just kind of scared and sad that all this kind of went down in one day, without warning," said Ramon. "She wasn't your stereotypical mom," said Ramon. "She wasn't afraid to discipline me, unlike some parents who let their kids do anything."

Police say Natasha was killed by her boyfriend, 30-year-old Stuart Milne. Her body was discovered near an industrial area in Apache Junction. Ramon says his mom and Milne dated for about a year, but he didn't know him that well.

"We didn't talk as much as I would have liked us to," said Ramon. "He would only talk to us if she was there."

Police say on Friday, they tracked Milne down, who took his own life as they approached the car. As for Ramon, he's now staying with his father and says he has the support and love of family and friends who are helping him get through this extremely difficult time. Meanwhile, the family says they are grateful for law enforcement's quick actions, and say they don't know if Milne could have been planning something else.