Telehealth expanded in Arizona to help vulnerable communities

Vulnerable and low-income communities in Arizona will now have expanded access to telehealth after Gov. Doug Ducey signed the bill into law on Tuesday.

"House Bill 2454 puts Arizona at the national forefront of telemedicine," reads a portion of a news release from Ducey's office.

Some changes the bill will bring include:

  • Those from out of state can receive telehealth visits from doctors in the state they are from.
  • Workers compensation claims can be handled through telehealth visits, if all parties consent.
  • Ensures doctors will be paid the same for telehealth visits as they would for in-person visits.
  • Under certain conditions, providers who are licensed in other states may be able to provide services to Arizonans.
  • Health care boards cannot require patients to see a doctor in person to be prescribed most medications.

The expansion of telehealth will give those who live in rural parts of the state access to the healthcare they may have had previously needed to travel far to receive.

The Health System Alliance of Arizona released a statement saying, in part, "Telehealth has served as a critical tool for patients across the state, many who are in high-risk categories or live in remote areas, to receive care while health care providers manage the COVID-19 pandemic. By increasing access to telehealth, our health care professionals will continue to deliver world class care to even more patients across Arizona."

Read more on the executive order here.