Threats reportedly made to owner, staff members at Prescott Valley daycare center

The owner of a daycare center where a man accused of child abuse worked said she and staff members are now receiving threats.

18-year-old Chandler Blankenship is accused of abusing this three-year-old girl, while she was at the childcare center. Blankenship an employee of the daycare. According to Prescott Valley Police, the girl's mom noticed the bruising on her cheek and called police. Court documents show Blankenship said the injuries came from a fight between two of the children. After looking at surveillance video, no fights had taken place, but it did show Blankenship going into the bathroom with the girl several times. Blankenship later admitted to the abuse, and said he became angry when she was playing in the water. He then yanked her off the sink by her hair, and she fell off and hit her head. He then struck her in the face.

Both Gummy Bear Childcare Centers in Prescott Valley were closed today, and the owner told FOX 10 by phone she didn't want to go on camera, that they are now closed indefinitely. The owner said she and staff members have received numerous threats by phone and on social media.

The owner, Kendra Hagerty, said Blankenship has worked for her for about six months, and Hagerty said she never had any issues with Blankenship, and no one has ever complained about him. She also said he passed all testing and background checks.

Hagerty says she is deeply sorry for what's happened and said she is cooperating fully with police. She also hopes Blankenship is prosecuted to the fullest for what he allegedly did.