Tiny albino gator hatches at Florida wildlife park

A rare albino alligator baby is the newest resident of a Florida wildlife park after hatching in late July.

Wild Florida, an animal park with alligator handling shows and airboat tours, posted photos and video of the tiny gator as it hatched.

Sam Haught, the co-owner of the park, was recording video as the baby poked its head out of its egg with the help of a staff member.

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"He's the only one that hatched out of 9 eggs from our superstar albino gator couple Snowflake & Blizzard," Haught said in a statement.

Wild Florida posted on its Facebook page that it is the third year in a row that the albino gator parents have had a baby.

albino gator baby split

(Courtesy: Wild Florida)

Due to a lack of melanin, their skin is white and sensitive to sunlight, according to Wild Florida

"Our team built a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled exhibit with plenty of shade and a heating lamp to keep them comfortable in their new home," the alligators' online profile reads. 

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An albino alligator's lack of skin pigmentation would make it an easy target for predators and therefore put it at risk in the wild.

Haught said the baby gator is being kept under close watch for several weeks before he will eventually be introduced to the park's aquarium exhibit in their main store, where visitors can see the hatchling for free whenever Wild Florida is open since there is no admission price to enter the gift shop.

The animal park will soon hold a naming contest for its newest resident on its social media pages.