FBI's search of Trump's Florida estate: Why now?

The FBI’s unprecedented search of former President Trump’s Florida residence ricocheted around government, politics and a polarized country Tuesday along with questions as to why the Justice Department decided to take such a drastic step.

FBI searches Donald Trump's estate in Florida

Former President Donald Trump said FBI officials were conducting a search of his Mar-a-Lago estate. A person familiar with the matter said the action was related to a probe of whether Trump had taken classified records from his White House tenure to his Florida residence.

Parkland school shooter trial: Prosecution rests after 3 weeks of graphic images, painful testimony

The prosecutor seeking to sentence Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz to death let the facts speak for themselves as he presented his case over the past three weeks, with terrifying witness accounts, heartbreaking testimonies from grieving parents, chilling surveillance videos, gruesome crime scene photos, and finally, having the jury walk through the school building where the shooting happened – dried pools of blood and Valentine's Day cards still clinging to the floors.

Tiny albino gator hatches at Florida wildlife park

A rare albino alligator baby is the newest resident of a central Florida wildlife park. The owners of Wild Florida say the tiny gator is the only one that hatched out of nine eggs laid by its parents. An albino alligator's lack of skin pigmentation would make it an easy target for predators and therefore put it at risk in the wild.