You need a salary of $87K to live comfortably in this Arizona community

The cost of living in the Valley continues to rise, mirroring national trends.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Phoenix area Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased by 2.2 percent in February compared to the previous year, with housing costs being a significant factor.

In some Arizona cities, residents need to earn nearly six figures to afford a comfortable lifestyle. A recent analysis from ConsumerAffairs reveals that Gilbert residents need a minimum salary of $87,033.46, or an hourly wage of 41.84 to live comfortably.

Scottsdale residents are not far behind, needing to earn a salary of $86,193.03, or an hourly wage of $41.44, followed by Chandler residents needing a salary of $78,068.65, or an hourly wage of $37.53.

Phoenix residents need a salary of $68,430.19, or an hourly wage of $32.90.


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ConsumerAffairs says it analyzed median rent data and calculated the minimum household income required to afford housing in each city, applying the federal government's 30% affordability threshold. Household income could represent a single person living alone or a couple.

While some Arizona residents have to pay a hefty price to live comfortably, New York City demands the highest income, at a whopping $135,713.39 per year.

Income needed in other Arizona cities


  • Salary: $68,135.30
  • Hourly wage: $32.76


  • Salary: $65,681.90
  • Hourly wage: $31.58


  • Salary: $57,704.05
  • Hourly wage: $27.74