Trailer of Valley boy scouts troop recovered after being stolen

A Valley boy scout troop has some good news headed its way after its scouting trailer was stolen but now has been recovered.

The trailer was parked in front of the scoutmaster’s house when thieves hitched it to a truck and took off with it in the middle of the night. They didn’t just steal camping gear, they also stole some irreplaceable ribbons that the troop has proudly earned over the last several decades.

"They cut our lock to the trailer. Hitched their truck up to it and drove it away," said Dan Gavagan, scoutmaster of Troop 513.
He believes the thieves had to have planned out the theft as stealing their trailer was no easy feat.

On Wednesday, the trailer was found but the suspect is missing. It's unknown if the gear was still in the trailer when it was recovered.

"It’s probably about 30 feet long, it’s got two axles it is a very large trailer. I would probably say about 7,000 pounds," Gavagan said.

Inside the trailer was more than $2,000 worth of camping and cooking equipment that would’ve supported 40 kids.

"We also had in there some history. We had our ribbons that we won in past campouts that date back 40 years. We’re definitely missing those, those are stuff you can’t just replace," Gavagan said.

Parents in the scouting community have spread the word about the theft on social media and Gavagan has been in touch with a witness that claims to have spotted the trailer hitched to a red pickup truck near Indian School Road and Grand Avenue Tuesday morning.

"This is clearly marked for use for youth, for scouts. It’s not something just recreational for fun. This is something the boys need. Just to take something knowingly that’s for kids, that’s a scumbag move," Gavagan said.