Tucson police bring out mannequins to stop speeders

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TUCSON, Ariz. (TUCSON NEWS NOW) - Say hello to Manne-cop!

Officers with the Tucson Police Department brought out two of their 'fakest' and finest on Thursday, August 16, using a mannequin to stop violators on the south side of Tucson.

Thursday was the first time they've used two mannequins, purchased by Sgt. Corie Nolan, after TPD administration challenged officers within his Operations Division South to change bad driving behavior around the city. They first issued the challenge in November 2017.

"It's fun. It's challenging to try and get people to change their driving behaviors. Because that's ultimately why we're out here," Nolan said.

His team of traffic officers propped up the counterfeit cops as a deterrent near Silverlake and South Kino in Tucson. They also had real officers there writing real tickets, too.

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