Uber adds panic button to app

Good news for those who use Uber, as the ridesharing app now now has an added safety feature that will help riders connect with police with the touch of a button.

The panic button allows a direct call to 911. On the home screen, there's now a safety tool kit, which contains several features, and one of the main feature is a red emergency call button. It's a quick way to contact first responders, if something were to go wrong during a trip.

One Uber user, only identified as "Jessica", said while she hasn't had a bad experience, her daughter has.

"She was with an Uber driver one time that creeped her out, and she did ask him to pull over so she could get out, which is why the idea that you're talking about with this panic button intrigues me because I feel like it's something that she could have used," said Jessica.

Unfortunately, automatically informing dispatchers of your location is only being tested in a few markets. Although riders we spoke to say they would prefer having that feature, they still like the idea of the panic button.

"That would definitely make it more of a piece of mind to relax you while you're in an Uber, and it's not a comfortable environment," said one rider, only identified as "James".

"I like the idea," said Jessica. "Hopefully none of us will ever have to use it, but it's nice to know that it's there."

You can also check out policies to see how a driver is supposed to behave on this new safety tool kit, along with a sharing feature that allows you to share your ride details with a contact and they can track where you are as you ride.

The panic button is only available for riders right now, but Uber says they hope to roll it out for drivers very soon.