Valley dog that went missing for more than 8 months reunited with its owners

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A Valley dog that has been missing for more than eight months has been reunited with its owners, following a wild trip that involved living in the wild, and eventually being discovered more than 50 miles away.

Karen Peoples said in May 2018, her family went on vacation in Pine. They were out with their two dogs, enjoying the wilderness and taking pictures of deer when...

"We went out to lunch one day. We had her contained on the porch. She got loose," said Peoples, referring to her dog, Ellie.

Peoples hung flyer and posted on social media about her missing dog.

"The whole community came together, and everybody was looking for her," said Peoples.

Months went by with no leads, but Peoples said she never gave up. Even after seven months, she reposted a photo of Ellie, and finally, some good news. A man by the name of Cliff Ayers said he found Ellie more than 50 miles from where she went missing.

"Crying, crying, crying of happiness," said Peoples. "It was just a miracle, and miracles happen. I just couldn't believe it. I cannot believe that she is here," said Peoples. She went on to say that her family was so sad after losing Ellie, that they adopted another dog. Now, the family will have three dogs running around.