Valley organization gets low-income kids involved in soccer

(Courtesy: Change Your Stars Foundation)

The nonprofit Change Your Stars Foundation has been helping kids in Arizona with all sorts of different programs, ranging from buying holiday gifts to food giveaways.

Now, they want to help get kids involved in soccer.

"Especially [in] the United States, it's become a middle income, higher income sport, and it's really hard to be accessible to kids who need a little bit of help or are a little bit on the lower income side," said Fraser Laveay, founder of Changer Your Stars.

Laveay is working with the Arizona Sports League, Phoenix Premier FC and AZ Soccer Lab to make it happen.

"You get practices, games and it's all just fun, exciting for anyone who cant afford the $200, $300 club fees and the traveling and everything like that -- it's a true community rec league," said Laveay.

He says he's happy to bring the community together through soccer.

"Parents are just so happy that their kids are able to do something that they're not normally able to," said Laveay.

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