Valley residents celebrate Queen's milestone

People all over the world are celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's accomplishment, including some people here in Arizona.

It is a milestone day in royal history, as Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-serving monarch, and though she's not celebrating, some people in Carefree are.

The town has celebrated all things royal, from the royal wedding, royal births, and even the Queen's birthday.

Carefree's Vice Mayor along with many others dressed up, some even wore tiara's to celebrate the Queen.

"A little bit of royalty is just great for the town, and it kind of spices things up for a bit," said Jo Gemmill.

Treats and tea were had and served for lunch was the Queen's traditional salad.

"It's a curry chicken salad that was designed especially for the Queen's coronation," said Gemmill.

The Queen herself doesn't celebrate the milestone.

"You know in England it is a very modest affair, in fact, the Queen herself has chosen not to celebrate too much today, she feels it's rather poor taste to be celebrating the fact that she's beaten Queen Victoria by a day," said Gemmill.

The 89-year-old queen is staying humble while others around the world celebrate in her honor.

Queen Victoria was Queen Elizabeth's great-great-grandmother.