Valley restaurant owner converts business into food truck during coronavirus pandemic

An Arizona couple who ran a soul food restaurant has converted their business into a food truck, as they continue to serve customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, the Rhema Soul Cuisine was open for business in Queen Creek.

"What we made in an hour, usually when we do big events, we made in two days. So it’s been a large percentage," said Via Childs with Rhema Soul Cuisine

Ron and Via turned their restaurant into the food truck. They’re feeling the economic effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, along with many others

"Everyone’s still real focused on health and doing everything they can to not contract the virus, so it’s been tough on the business," said Ron.

The couple is originally from New York, that’s where their daughter still is. She’s putting her marketing sense to use to try and help her parents

"She told us she’s gonna put our meal prep on Twitter, and I had no idea what to expect. We had an interview this morning with a news publication and now you guys are here! This is incredible!" said Via.

While the family struggles to get through the tough times, their thoughts are in New York.

Meanwhile, the Childs say a loyal customer came up and gave them money for 50 meals. They’ll be donating them to doctors and nurses on the front lines.