Valley student creates concussion app

It's just a typical day for sophomore Sierra Dean.

She's putting the finishing touches on her new app that she created in a classroom full of other students doing similar things.

"This is the first home screen and after that, you go through and this is just an overview and these are each of the questions that would be asked by a coach," she said.

Her app allows coaches to be able to see if an athlete has sustained a concussion. She partnered with Banner Concussion Center for the signs and symptoms to watch for.

"They gave me a list of questions and they also gave me a bunch of symptoms," she said. "You have to ask and they gave me a list of those, they basically out-looked the medical aspect of this app."

Sierra got the idea when she saw her friend struggling to recover from a concussion.

"I play soccer and it took her out of soccer entirely," she said. "She had to quit and she had really bad grades for awhile and she just had to, it took her a long time to come back from it."

The coach would go through the list of general questions, for example, what month is it?

Sierra is now in the final stages of making the app available for the iPhone.

"It's finished building and coding and we're getting the legal rights from Banner right now and we're working and looking towards the next step to taking it to the app store," she said.