Valley's 1st Amazon Bookstore opens in Scottsdale

It's the return of the bookstore -- just in time for the holidays.

Today, Amazon opened the doors of its 20th Amazon Books location nationwide -- to customers in Scottsdale.

Like a top-tier bookstore, the entire store is built around Amazon customers by bringing the online experience straight to the shelf.

"Everything in this store has earned its place," Jeanine Takala said. "It's either four stars and above and is a best seller either in the store or online or is a new release, and we tried to really do that at feel into this store in a variety of ways to spur discovery throughout the store."

Customers can find anything easily throughout the store with search kiosks and electronic price tags updated in real-time for the best sales for both Prime and regular customers.

"We've broken up the books in a way that really helps people discover something they're going to love," Takala said.

Anything from wish list favorites to book and items frequently found online.

Even reads sold specially for Valley residents.

"'Scottsdale Reads' is a perfect one for anybody that's looking for a book of local interests to the area and we also have a similar section for kids," Takala said.